About Us

What We Are

Clicksbyte Is a Canadian advertisement for business owners seeking to get many website visits and also one of the best possible ways to earn from home. Using pay per click method, we are able to track user input and increase delivery to the clients advertisements. Users are then rewarded based on their Clicks and how premium the types of Ads they receive are. The level of Premium Ads vary per category and each category has it's own pricing. Clicksbyte is set to be listed as publicly traded company in the 1st quarter of 2022. We hope to build a revolutionary community of ad viewers and marketers therefore becoming one of the predominant platforms in the market and a spear head in online community development strategies by sponsoring various projects and offering donations to various parties.

Best PTC Rates

we offer the best pay per click to our users

Cheapest CPC for advertisers.

we offer the best cost per click to enable our Clients enjoy full scalability with our platform.

Simple & Reliable

Our platform is simple and easy to use to allow faster navigation with more ease

Benefits and Features

Why Choose Us

Here are some of the features we have put in place and benefits derived from working with us

Global outreach

Our market targeting and delivery are not limited to a geographical outreach, In addition, at easypayclicks, we run continuous ads across all platforms.

Secure platform

Our platform is well secured and uses up to date security systems. secure checkout and deposit of your money is guaranteed.

Referral network

Apart from earning from clicks, users can refer family and friends and earn commission on each member that joins our platform.